Thursday, 28 January 2010

Typographic Spine

I made a set of letterpresses in the shape of vertebrae, with the letters increasing in size as you ascend the alphabet. These can stack on top of each other to form the structure of a human spine.

Below is an example of work printed using my typographic spine letters. White ink on black paper...

Book Sleeve

I produced an alphabet using joined up guitar chords layered over each other, called 'AlphaChords'. I made this sleeve out of guitar parts and card to keep the project together.

Screen Printing

A screenprinted t-shirt design based on an illustration from my sketchbook. I know Milton Glasers' logo has been overdone, but this isn't meant to have any deep meaning...


Some 3D paper numbers I made then photographed on my desk...

Colour Archive

An illustration I did for the front cover of my Colour Archive...


A series of typographic experiments reflecting each of our five senses...






Let There Be Light

A few of my pictures from our photography brief 'Let There Be Light'...

Science Vs. Religion

My first post... not got much work atm really, so im gonna start off by putting some work from my foundation up...

I cut sections from scientific books to spell SCIENCE and religious books to spell RELIGION. I removed more from the scientific books, so that the negative sections of the scientific ones were heavier when weighed. This reflects the takeover of science over religion in modern society.